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Why do we need it?

"Anything forced and misunderstood can never be beautiful."


Physiotherapy is a must-have in the life of every human athlete, so why shouldn't it be the same for our equine athletes? We ask them to perform at the best of their capability day in and day out, so I believe it is vital for their welfare that we treat them as the stars that they are. 

Horses have a very different way of expressing pain than we do, and thankfully, there has been research into how horses express this, giving us tools to register and interpret these signals. Unfortunately, in the current equestrian world, these signs are often misinterpreted. Our horses can virtually be screaming to make it clear to us, but still, we miss it far too often... A physiotherapist is trained to pick up on the most subtle signs and can help you identify these in your horse.

As an owner or rider, you are the first to pick up on the signs your horse is not feeling well. It might not be lameness, but you just feel it's not "right". Equinésio helps you identify and treat these complaints.

If you think your horse might be trying to tell you something, go check out this blogpost to see which issues might be a tell-tale sign something is wrong!

Physiotherapists can aid in managing:

Musculoskeletal disorders

  •  Problems with spine, pelvis or legs

  • Joint inflammation and osteoarthritis

  • Muscle or tendon injuries

Neurological disorders

  • Ataxia


But they can also help with:

Optimising performance

Injury prevention

Weight management

Biomechanical assessment of horse and rider and their interaction

Improving quality of life

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